Work Party Apr 25, 2015 (Multicultural Greek Council)

MNC Directors Blake Gall, Bob Andronici and Eric Loop were assisted by an energetic group of 30 volunteers from the Multicultural Greek Council on Saturday April 25th.

The group installed 2 new waterbars, removed a number of dead falls over trails, and worked to reduce erosion at the Mike Lynch Overlook.

In addition, they worked to close off the old path to the Lynch Overlook that goes straight down the slope to the Overlook. This path has been closed for several years due to extreme erosion due to over use.

Thanks MGC for your support!


Teamwork required to move a dead fall to close off old path at Lynch Overlook.


Group that cleaned trails on Oak Hall side or Mt. Nittany.


Cooperation and harmony flourishing with MGC!

Work Party Apr 19, 2015 (Alpha Phi Omega & Sigma Nu)

Bob Andronici and Eric Loop led a group of 40 volunteers from two groups, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Sorority and the Sigma Nu Fraternity, to Mt. Nittany on Sunday.

The groups repaired over 6 damaged waterbars, removed 6 trail obstructing blow downs, cut down / moved 6-8 standing dead trees that threatened trails, cut back brush encroaching on trails and had fun doing it!


Working to remove winter blow down


We are here to serve!


Job well done!

Day of Caring Work Parties Oct 2, 2014 (PennStateWLAX & HRG)

Members of the Penn State Women’s Lacrosse team energetically and enthusiastically scoured Mount Nittany during the Col. Gerald Russell United Way Day of Caring.  Led by Head Coach Missy Doherty and Assistant Coaches Amy Altig and Brooke Matthews this crew hiked almost five miles picking up trash and clearing trails, demonstrating a wonderful esprit de corps. And then went back to campus for practice!


Ready to “rock” with Penn State Women’s Lacrosse team


Please come to visit, but take away your trash!

Volunteers from HRG Inc., a local State College Engineering Firm, led by MNC directors Chad Bell and Doug Wion did work at the Deeded Inches site as well.


HRG cleans up at the Deed site


After the cleanup

The Conservancy extends heartfelt thanks to the Penn State Women’s Lacrosse and Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. for all their efforts in support of the Mountain.

Work Party Oct 5, 2014 (Penn State Panhellenic)

Brian Stouffer and Chad Bell took a group of energetic volunteers from Penn State for the Panhellenic Day of Service on the Mountain. The group cut up a very large tree that was blown down and made 3 benches on the White trail, then took the dead limbs and spread them throughout the woods to get rid of the eyesore of the downed tree. 5 water bars were also installed on the White trail.

The Conservancy would like to thank the Panhellenic members for their work to keep the Mountain ready for all our visitors and friends.

ServeState Volunteers on the Mountain!

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 the service organization ServeState had a blast participating in a WalkUp/CleanUp volunteer day on the Mountain.  John Petrie, the Service Coordinator for ServeState, reported that they removed branches obstructing the trail and cleaned up trash.  They can’t wait to come back and volunteer again!

If you or your group would like to volunteer for a self-organized Walk Up/Clean Up day, learn about volunteering.


ServeState Volunteers from left to right: Nick, John, Grace, Sami, Chrissy, Travis, Kate, John, Colin, and Ben.

Work Party Sept 7, 2014

Brian Stouffer, Mountain Ambassador, and Chad Bell, MNC Director, led an extremely large group of 54 volunteers from Omega Phi Alpha and Sigma Nu.


Follow along with the group on the Mt. Nittany trail map by Purple Lizard Maps.

The entire group started up the Blue trail to the rock pile at Station 10.  From Station 10 the group split up. The group led by Chad went to Nittany Mall and Tom Smyth overlooks. They widened the trails, cut undergrowth, and cleared 3 downed trees as well as 2 hangers. The other group led by Brian, continued to the Little Flat and Penns Valley overlooks trimming branches, cutting the undergrowth and clearing saplings. The two groups then met up traveled the White trail from Station 6 to Station 5 and then Station 3 at the Mike Lynch Overlook.  Along the way, the team cleared 2 downed trees across the trail.

The Conservancy extends their thanks to both Sigma Nu and Omega Phi Alpha for their support of the Mountain.

Work Party Aug 30, 2014

The Fresh START at Penn State program provided 21 freshmen and 2 upper-class students as volunteers for the Mountain on Aug 30. MNC Directors Bob Andronici and Eric Loop led the Fresh START volunteers. The group replaced 7 – 8 water bars on the White trail did trail widening on the Blue trail by cutting back brush. Finally they also replaced a large water control rock at the Mike Lynch Overlook.

The Conservancy would like to thank PSU Fresh Start for their work to keep the Mountain green and growing.


Part of the PSU Fresh Start Volunteer group

Work Party June 28, 2014

Volunteers from HRG Inc., the State College located Engineering Firm, did amazing work at the Mike Lynch Overlook the last weekend of June 2014. They found 1 foot of silt at bottom of Lynch that, along with heavy water and rain, had pushed a big water stop log over the edge of Lynch resulting in major washout at the bottom section of the overlook. Major repair involved moving a few heavy big logs into place and tying them down in and above ground rebar spikes.

The Conservancy would like to thank Chad Bell, MNC Director, and his fellow volunteers from Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. for all their work.

Work Party May 25, 2014

On Sunday, May 25, the State College Young Professionals and 3twenty9  volunteered to work on Mt. Nittany.  The Conservancy thanks these folks for their time and effort in support of the Mountain.


Left to right: Wendy Vinhage, Jacque Weaver, Steve Ryder, Troy Weston, Melissa Hombosky


Left-to-Right, Bob Frick from MNC, Rosie (dog), Troy Weston, Bob Andronici from MNC, Melissa Hombosky, Steve Ryder, Chad Bell from MNC, Jacque Weaver, Wendy Vinhage.

Work Party Apr 13, 2014

On Sunday, April 13, the service organizations Circle K and Alpha Phi Omega volunteered to work on Mt. Nittany.  We met at 11:30, hiked to the top of the Mountain, picked up trash, removed some blow-downs and cleared sight lines at the Boalsburg, Little Flat, and Penns Valley overlooks.  Circle K had two volunteers, and Alpha Phi Omega had eight.  The Conservancy thanks these young men and women for their time and effort.


Circle K and Alpha Phi Omega