Day of Caring 2017 Work Party

On Oct 5, 2017 the Penn State Men’s Volleyball @PennStateMVBALL team rose up and assisted the Conservancy during the PNC Bank Day of Caring.

15 players from the team accomplished much in just 3 hours. The team was led by MNC volunteers John Mentzell, Troy Weston and Bob Andronici.

  • Checked and cleared emergency access route from prison grounds to our trails.
  • Installed and repaired 5 water bars on the White trail from station 1 to 2.
  • Removed roughly 8 downed trees ( some very big) from blue trail from station 1 to 10 than 10 to 2.

Images: Mark Selders/Penn State Athletic Communications

Gamma Sig Tau and Bridge Initiative Work Party

The 9/17 work party was led by Troy Weston, Steve Lyncha and Chad Bell of the MNC with the assistance of volunteers from the Gamma Sig Tau Chapter service fraternity and The Bridge Initiative groups.

The groups started out by clearing multiple downed trees across the Blue trail toward the top of the Mountain. Once on top, they continued the clearing/widening of our existing trails of overgrown brush and downed trees for the emergency responder access across the top of the Mountain toward the Lynch Overlook.

Both of these groups did a great job and some well appreciated hard work.

Circle K & Council of Lionhearts Work Party

The 9/11 Work Party was organized by Penn State University Park Circle K and Council of Lionhearts. Volunteers came from:

  1. Gamma Sigma Sigma Tau Chapter
  2. The Penn State Rotaract Club
  3. The Graduate and Professional Student Association

To allow emergency responders open access to Mount Nittany trails, these fine volunteers cleared trails from the Rockview State Prison land border to MNC maintained trails. Over 30 downed trees eliminated from emergency access path as per guidance from the Central Region Emergency Strike Team (C.R.E.S.T).

Great job and lots of hard work done by all!

Thank You ... One and All!

Thank You … One and All!

Work Party Nov 1, 2015 (Lion Ambassadors)

On Sunday, November 1, 2015 a volunteer group from the Penn State Lion Ambassadors assisted the Conservancy with some trail maintenance. The group was led by Mt. Ambassador Steve Lyncha. MNC Director Chad Bell and Mt. Ambassador Troy Weston also went up with the work party.

The small but energetic group cleared brush/limbs along trails. They also removed several dead trees near the trail (widow makers).


Jordan, Alex, Erin, Aubrey, Taylor, and Morgan (Lion Ambassadors)

Work Party Oct 24, 2015 (Omega Phi Alpha)

Saturday, October 24, 2015 saw the Omega Phi Alpha national service sorority assist the Conservancy with much needed trail maintenance.

Photo #1 shows the entire team that worked cutting back brush and installing barriers to “erosion risk” areas on the Blue Trail.

Photos #2 and #3 shows the smaller group that helped to install a new log seating bench on the Blue Trail.


Omega Phi Alpha Service Sorority


Packing in the chain saw!


New log seat added along the Blue Trail

Day of Caring – Oct 1, 2015

The Conservancy extends a THANK YOU and JOB WELL DONE to the volunteers who came out to Mt. Nittany during the annual Day of Caring.

Volunteers from the following organizations donated their time and efforts on the Mountain.

  • Penn State Federal Credit Union
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • HRG, Inc


2015 Day of Caring – Penn State Federal Credit Union, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and HRG, Inc.


2015 Day of Caring – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Work Party May 2, 2015 (Alpha Phi Omega)

On Saturday, May 2, 2015 a volunteer group from Alpha Phi Omega National Service Sorority assisted the Conservancy with some trail maintenance. The group was led by MNC Directors Chad Bell and Doug Wion as well as Mt. Ambassador Steve Lyncha.

The group focused on blocking off of the “closed due to erosion” former trail leading to the Mike Lynch Overlook.  The trail was recently blocked off again shortly after the removal of the replanting/regeneration fencing. Hikers had begun to “flank” the log barricades making new trails on both sides. Volunteers blocked off the top and the bottom of the former trail to the point where it no longer looks like a trail.


Alpha Phi Omega members closing off old section of trail.


Job well done!