Mount Nittany on YouTube

We noticed these videos posted to YouTube during the month of October 2010. We’re reposting here for the enjoyment of all of the Mountain’s friends and supporters.

14 Strong Mount Nittany Run – Oct 12, 2010
Penn State Women’s Gymnastics

Great Mountains of the World. Everest. Kilamanjaro. Fuji. NITTANY. The Penn State women’s gymnastics team completed their annual Mt. Nittany run and hike on Sunday Oct 10, 2010.

Mount Nittany Fall Hike – Oct 18, 2010
Richard Burgunder

A fall hike to a great overlook of PSU and Beaver Stadium. It was a very windy day and the fall foliage was spectacular.

Mount Nittany: The Climb – Oct 20, 2010
Penn State Admissions Bloggers

Thousands of students, alumni, locals, and visitors have tread the paths of Mount Nittany, one of Penn State’s biggest attractions. Come watch our adventure up the mountain… plus an unexpected detour.

Slide Show of the Seasons

Members and friends of the Conservancy recently received in the mail our Fall newsletter from the Conservancy. A link to the newsletter is below.

The Conservancy commissioned Penn State grad Doug Bauman’s photos, and director Bob Frick helped create the following slide show of the seasons on the Mountain The soundtrack was donated by local bluegrass group Murphy’s Junction. The song, New York to Knoxville, was composed by Gwen Stimely. Slideshow programming was done by Penn State grad Julio Negron.


November 2010 Mount Nittany News

Members and friends of the Conservancy recently received in the mail our Fall newsletter from the Conservancy. A link to the newsletter is below.

The following are excerpts from the Grand Reopening Promotes Safety, New Wayfinding System Aims To Keep Hikers On The Right Path article.

On an absolutely gorgeous spring day, the Mount Nittany Conservancy hosted a Grand Reopening of Mt. Nittany’s blue and white trails to celebrate installation of a new wayfinding system as well as a new trailhead map and brochures, purchased with a tourism grant through the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The wayfinding system is a series of sign posts placed at key intersections to keep hikers from getting lost. Twelve wayfinding markers located at important intersections and additional signs will allow hikers to more easily see where they are and how to get back.

Please consider clicking the Support Us link and offering a donation as well in order that you too can receive future hard copy newsletters.

In Memorial: Patricia ‘Pat’ Farrell

2010_11_04_Pat_Farrell_A-300x284.jpegOur former President, Pat Farrell, passed away Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010, from complications of Parkinson’s Disease.

Pat served on the Mount Nittany Conservancy board from 1998 – 2007 and as our President from 2004 – 2005. As noted by Bill Jaffe, MNC Director Emeritus and former MNC President, “Pat was a special person, who did much for MNC during a difficult period.”

Pat was a lifelong volunteer, to highlight just two of Pat’s many accomplishments:

In 1975, Pat was the spokesperson for a group that convinced the Penn State Board of Trustees to revise the Alma Mater to use “childhood’s gate” rather than “boyhood’s gate” and “Dear old State” rather then “into men.” Pat was also an active member in the State College Mortar Board Alumni group. Brenda Frawley Walsh, President of the group, said “One of our most remarkable State College Mortar Board alumnae members has left a lasting legacy that death cannot take away. I am personally grateful that we have included a tribute to Pat’s leadership in our Mortar Board Initiation ceremony. By changing the Penn State Alma Mater to reflect author Fred Pattee’s original intentions Pat quietly honored women at her beloved alma mater. When we conclude our annual Mortar Board Initiation ceremony with the Alma Mater we will always honor Pat, as well.”

In 1998, Pat was named by Penn State their Renaissance Honoree in recognition of a lifetime of service to the Penn State and State College communities.

The Centre Daily Times‘s Cliff White wrote an article entitled “Leader Farrell left a lasting legacy on the region.” In the article, MNC Director Emeritus and Penn State trustee Anne Riley is quoted as saying:

She would climb Mount Nittany every New Year’s Day, according to Riley. “She loved the mountains,“ Riley said. “She used to say, ‘Hills are our friends.’ She mean that jokingly, of course, especially when she was crossing the Rockies on her bike. But she loved a challenge, and I think that statement could be a great metaphor to describe her life.”

You can read the full article as a PDF here.

Pat’s obituary from the Centre Daily Times can be viewed as a PDF here.

Mere words nor a few pages of text can capture Pat’s life, so we won’t try. We can be sure that she would want us to move onward and upward. Her love of Mt. Nittany must be with us now. Her spirit has joined so many others like Bill Ulerich and Mike Lynch who keep a silent watch from the Mountain down on Penn State in the valley below.

“Hills are our friends.”

Paternoville’s Sweet Tooth

PV_cookie.jpegSince Paternoville students are the rabid Penn State supporters of this generation, the Mount Nittany Conservancy (MNC) board wanted them to be aware of who actually is protecting the Mountain that they look out upon from the tents and chairs.

To get their attention, we showed up on Oct 28th during Penn State – Michigan game with with a little something sweet … cookies with the image of Mt. Nittany on them!

As we gave out the early Halloween treats (to the very appreciative Paternoville residents), we Here were the points we raided with them.

  • MNC is an all-volunteer board that maintains the trails and protects Mt. Nittany
  • MNC was founded in 1981, so 2011 is our 30th anniversary!
  • We need student and community support to keep the Mountain “green and growing”
  • Visit the website,, to learn more
  • Pass the message along to others. Ask them “Who ‘owns’ and protects Mt. Nittany?”

We had a great team of 10 people passing out the Mt. Nittany cookies that included student helpers, Friends of the Mountain, and MNC Board Members. We also passed out our brochure, A Symbol of our Pride, as well as a brief fact sheet about the Conservancy.

We did have a few extra cookies, so we headed off to the HUB to spread the word even further. And if you’re reading this, please do the same. Mt. Nittany is OUR Mountain. We need to be here to conserve it for future generations, 30 years and counting so far.

Update: had a photographer at Paternoville as well (we had clued them in beforehand). You can see more picture here. Paternoville Campers Pass Time with Cookies and Trashcan Football. We have a close-up of one of Nathan A. Smith photos on our Mountain Pics page as well.

Note: The cookies (and they were excellent) were purchased locally from the Sweet Tooth Bakery & Cafe of State College.

First ‘Mount Nittany Night’ a Rousing Success

Donors, neighbors and board members enjoyed the first annual Mount Nittany Night on Friday, October 1, at the Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery.

During the fundraising event, guests sampled delicious wines and appetizers, and the board honored the significant contributions of neighbor Wilhelm Kogelmann.

As the Conservancy approaches our 30th anniversary in 2011, a new tradition was started with the establishment of a Friend of the Mountain award.

The award will honor a person or group based on their contributions of talent, time, and resources on behalf of the Mountain.

Wilhelm (Willy) Kogelmann was the Mount Nittany Conservancy’s unanimous first choice to receive the inaugural 2010 Friend of the Mountain Award for Outstanding Contributions to Mt. Nittany. Willy was there as the Mount Nittany Conservancy was first formed. His lands on Mount Nittany were one of the first acquired by the fledgling group in 1985.

MNC President Vince Verbeke presents Willy with his own piece of the Mountain below. The MNC board would like to thank all who attended in support of the Mountain. Please make a note to attend our 2nd annual Mount Nittany Night in the Fall of 2011.

MNC thanks these event sponsors:

2009-10 Donors

We are pleased to recognize the individuals and groups that supported the Mountain and the Mount Nittany Conservancy by donating to the Conservancy and renewing their commitment as a “Friend of Mount Nittany” annually, or those who purchased one or more Life Estate Deeds from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

The Conservancy extends a special thanks to the John T. Ryan Jr. Memorial Foundation and the Lion’s Paw Alumni Association for their annual support to the Conservancy

  • Lynn Abramson, State College PA
  • Edward H. Klevans, State College PA
  • George & Judy Ahart, Walnutport PA
  • Robert T. Kofman, Aventura FL
  • Duane Alexander, Ellicott City MD
  • Akhil Kumar, State College PA
  • James Anderson, Coconut Creek FL
  • Peter Labosky, Boalsburg PA
  • Dennis & Margaret Anspach, Lancaster PA
  • Mr. G. Raymond Lafferty, Newtown Square PA
  • Eunice Askov, State College PA
  • H. Wesley Link, Exton PA
  • Mark Baker, Hummlestown PA
  • Chester Lucido Jr, Williamsburg, VA
  • Patrick M. Bisbey, State College PA
  • Theodore Richard Lux, Brecksville OH
  • Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Inga R. Book, State College PA
  • William K. Martz, Bethel Park PA
  • Ms. Brenna-Leigh Bosch, Shamong NJ
  • Shaun and Julie Mason, Pittsburgh PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Mr. Robert A. Brand, State College PA
  • Erich and Holly May, State College PA
  • Edward and Elaine Brown, Waverly PA
  • Steven and Jen May, Chicago IL
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Brown, Greenfield IN
  • Brian McCarthy, Mechanicsburg PA
  • William H. and Mary Jane Brune, State College PA
  • Kirsten McGrath, Venetia PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Tom M. Cavalier, State College PA
  • Philip D. McIntyre, Port Matilda PA
  • John W. Chillas, Greencastle PA
  • Robert J. Menzie, Lemont PA
  • John C. Collins, State College PA
  • Anne H. Miller, Salisbury MD
  • Edward & Dorothy Corbett, State College PA
  • Ralph O. Mumma, State College PA
  • Charles H. Culnane, Wilmington DE
  • Robert Y. Murray, State College PA
  • John J. Curley, Potomac MD
  • Herbert Ralph Nurick, Harrisburg PA
  • Eugene Ray Curry, Jr., Sinking Spring PA
  • Kenneth Alan Ortner, Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Julie Cryan, Pittsburgh PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Cristin O’Rourke, Haddon Township NJ (Life Time Deed)
  • Danville German Society
  • David Muller Pellnitz, Nutley NJ
  • Alice R. Deihl, Millhall PA
  • Dr. Ralph E. Pilgram, State College PA
  • Melbourne DeYoung & Linda Littleton, Lemont PA
  • Alvin & Barbara Reiner, Silver Spring MD
  • Robert Mayer Fisher, Mechanicsburg PA
  • Mary Jane Roelofs, Haverford PA
  • Sara Fitzsimmons, University Park PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Charles & Marlene Rogers, Hinesville GA
  • Heather F. Fleck, State College PA
  • Julie Murphy & Theodore Schmidt, Philadelphia PA
  • Michael L. and Sharon E. Frandsen, Albion MI (Life Time Deed)
  • Patrick Scholl, State College PA
  • Joseph French, State College PA
  • James Schulte, Highlands NC
  • Blake and Linda Gall, Boalsburg PA
  • Marjorie D. Seward, State College PA
  • Gary & Ralphine Gentzler, Cincinnati OH
  • Maj. (Ret.) Albert A. Sheaffer, Altoona PA
  • Mrs. Bertha Goerder, State College PA
  • Karl and Pam Shellenberger, State College PA
  • Don George, Lilly PA
  • John Skooglund, North Huntingdon PA
  • Rick M. Hammond, Lemont PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Jeffrey & Helene Slocum, Minnetonka MN
  • Robert Henry Harrison, Scarsdale NY
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Smith, Tunkhannock PA
  • Michelle Harmon-Madsen, New York NY
  • Dwain & Susan Smith, Hanover PA (Life Time Deed)
  • Donald and Mary Hartzell, Burke VA
  • Richard Smith, State College PA
  • Ernest M. Hawk, State College PA
  • Ron & Sue Smith, Lemont PA
  • Gene & Shirley Helsel, Tucson AZ
  • Stephen & Eileen Smith, Tempe AZ
  • Kay J. Herman, Warren OH (Life Time Deed)
  • Thomas Smith, State College PA
  • James and Ellen Hermann, Pa. Furnace PA
  • J. Alan & Karen Stewart, Boalsburg PA
  • Michael Hermann, State College PA
  • Kim Steiner, Boalsburg PA (Life Time Deed)
  • David W. Herr, Chapel Hill NC
  • Joseph P. Stitt, State College PA
  • Fritz Herzog, Los Angeles CA
  • Jeffrey A. Terosky, New York NY
  • Charles & Patricia Hillson, State College PA
  • Fred W. Thomas, Perkasie PA
  • Mr. Robert S. Hodder Jr., Farmington NY
  • Bruce Toth, State College PA
  • George & Mariana Hoffman, Doylestown PA
  • Vince Verbeke, Clearfield PA
  • Pamela & Timothy R. Holmes, Bowie MD
  • John A. Walsh, Elverson PA
  • Jackie & John Hook, State College PA
  • Richard W. Webb, Palmerton PA
  • Walter & Frances Hough, Hendersonville NC
  • Karin G. Weyl, State College PA
  • William & Wendy Hudson, Colts Neck NJ
  • Timothy White, Centre Hall PA
  • Joseph B. Humphreys, Boalsburg PA
  • Douglas A. Wion, State College PA
  • Joseph Jacobs, Yardley PA
  • John H. Witmer Jr, Old Lyme CT
  • Bill Jaffe, State College PA
  • Ronald and Ann Woodhead, State College PA
  • Daniel R. Jones, Bellefonte PA
  • Robert S. Zakos Jr., Catasauqua PA
  • Kevin I. Jud, Philadelphia PA
  • David & Jane Zazworsky, State College PA
  • Margaret P. Kendall, State College PA

Central Region Emergency Strike Team (CREST) Provides Information

The Mount Nittany Conservancy hosted a grand reopening of Mt. Nittany’s blue and white trails to celebrate installation of a new wayfinding system as well as a new trailhead map and brochures, purchased with a tourism grant through the Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Central Region Emergency Strike Team (CREST) was on hand at the grand reopening providing information to hikers.