With more than eight miles of volunteer-maintained trails and scenic views, Mt. Nittany offers a unique setting for local recreation. Since 1981, we have been working hard to protect Mt. Nittany from commercial and residential development by acquiring land and maintaining areas already under the Conservancy’s ownership.

To learn more (and see a trails map), download our brochure, Mount Nittany: A Symbol of our Pride. If you have a business and would like to display MNC brochures, contact us.


As a public charity, the preservation of Mt. Nittany for future generations of Centre Countians, Penn Staters and other lovers of the outdoors is our primary mission.

We build and maintain trails and overlooks, conduct clean-up projects, and take action against invasive species. We work to prevent further development encroachment on the view of the Mountain, and look for parcels of land to obtain/conserve in the future. We wish to hold or place under conservation easement all available land from the 1,300-foot elevation to the 2,200-foot crest as seen from the campus and the Mount Nittany Expressway, as well as add land on the Boalsburg side if funding permits. Click image for full size.