Mount Nittany: A Symbol of Our Pride

Welcome to the Mount Nittany Conservancy! We preserve and maintain 800+ acres of beautiful Mount Nittany in Centre County, Pennsylvania.
With nearly 9 miles of volunteer-maintained trails and many scenic views, Mount Nittany offers a unique setting for local recreation.


Mount Nittany is both the cultural and environmental symbol of the Nittany Valley. The Conservancy ensures our symbol remains pristine.

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Hike Mount Nittany

Exploring Mount Nittany is a classic hike for local residents, tourists, and returning alumni. Learn the trails and maps before starting your own adventure.

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Life Estate Deeds

Every square inch counts, and you can purchase a life-estate deed to one square inch of Mount Nittany — a truly great way to show your appreciation.

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Conserving Mount Nittany is a continuing effort driven by Penn Staters and Nittany Valley residents! You are the rock that supports the Mountain.

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Marathon Facebook cover

Mt. Nittany Marathon

3rd Mt. Nittany Marathon - Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015. 7:00 AM Start!


The Legends of Princess Nittany & Lion’s Paw

The sources in folklore of our spirit and affection.


The Mountain’s Beauty through the Seasons

A great and growing collection captured by admirers.

The Conservancy Blog

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